A Ride to the Southern Terminus

Yesterday I sent an e-mail and filled out a form on Scout and Frodo’s website.  You need to do both.  They answered me today.  I now have a ride from the train station to the Southern Terminus with an overnight stop at their house.

I wanted to stay there for three main reasons.  First, they supply at cost a couple of items I will need for the trail that I don’t want to take on the trip down.  The biggest item is a gas canister for my stove.  Second, it is going to give me an opportunity to meet a couple of my fellow hikers leaving on the same day.  While we are all hiking our own hikes, for the first couple of days, these are the people I am going to walking and camping with.  Finally, it will give me a chance to take some items on the trip down and mail them home before I leave for the trail.  I will do one last shakedown, so some will be from my kit, but mostly it will be the clothes I wore for the train drive and my tablet and charger.  I will bring a prepaid box from the post office.

Most importantly, they do not accept donations, so it allows me to thank them for being so kind to strangers.

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