State of the Trail – December

While it is way too early to be sure, there are some indications that the PCT is going to be dry for 2018.  That is good and bad.  The PCT Class of 2017 struggled with heavy snow in the Sierra Mountains.  Many skipped, flipped or quit.  It looks like 2018 will not be like that.  In fact, 2018 might be the year of the forest fire.

There is a total fire ban in the Angeles National Forest which affects the PCT.  If it is still in force by April, miles 345 to 510 will require me to go completely stoveless.  That is a pretty big section starting from Cajon Pass all the way to Hikertown.

This is a good reason why I’ve decided to resupply as I go.  I’d hate to have shipped myself all these dinners that require heat, only to be unable to cook them.

The question I’m asking now is should I give up coffee completely?  If I do, do I do it before I leave or do I piss off the people I love at home?


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