Training Update

The combination of the holidays and sub-zero temperatures have slowed my training a bit. I bought some micro-spikes at Costco for $9.99 and I did some hiking in the snow last week and I hope to do more. They are great for the urban trail, but they would last about ten minutes on the PCT.  They are very light weight, however.  When it gets below zero with a wind chill of -25, it is best to stay inside.  It is supposed to warm up next week.

With three months to go, I have worked with a trainer and put together a more aggressive workout program that I will start January 1st.  With my legs tested with back-to-back 18 mile hikes, I can focus more on my core to help improve my endurance.

I still need to get my permits.  I need to get a box together for Warner Springs, one of the only towns I’ll send a box.  I haven’t thought about what I’m going to wear other than my base layers.  All my gear is purchased.  In theory, I could leave tomorrow.

So, I wait…

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