Just 28 Five Day Hikes

When I talk with people about going on a hike like this I get the same type of question over and over.  “What if X?”  What if my shoes fail?  What if my water filter freezes?  What if it gets really cold?  What if?  What If? WHAT IF!?!

It is not possible to carry every single “what if” in my pack.  The answer to this conundrum is to imagine this not as one big long hike, but 28 five day hikes.  If something terrible happens, I will look where I am and either deal with it and continue on or turn around and go back.  I need to have faith that my sisters and brothers will help me.  I promise, I will always help them.

If I have to deal with it, I only have to deal with it for two days because that is really how far I am away from civilization I will ever be.  I can deal with an awful lot for just two days.  If I have to look to my sisters and brothers for help, then I probably should choose to be nice.  Fortunately, I am nice and I share, so that will not be too difficult.

I enjoy seeing the fear in the eyes of people I talk about what I’m doing this year and they are amazed at the courage I must have.  Don’t get me wrong, this is going to be real.  Once I realized that I can count on my sisters and brothers, then my pack became much lighter.

The lighter the pack, the faster you go.


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