Application to Enter Canada Submitted

I knocked off a couple more items off my checklist last night.  I filled out the permit for permission to enter Canada from the PCT.  As I do not have a criminal record this is a formality.  If for some strange reason I’m not approved, I will hike to the Northern Terminus, celebrate and backtrack.  Some hikers have to do that.  I shouldn’t, but if there is a mix up somewhere, I might have to adjust.  I’ll know for sure in a couple of days.

I ordered twenty meals from Good-to-Go.  Without a doubt, their meals are my favorite. They have spice.  They have flavor.  They are a bit more expensive, but they have a 25% off sale going through the month of January.  My primary strategy is to buy along the way, but that doesn’t start until 180 miles in at Idyllwild.

I also learned that the Mount Laguna Sports has closed permanently, and that might impact my resupply strategy.  What I was going to do until I got to Idyllwild is pack about 1,500 kCals of food per day.  I would then supplement along the way.  My 1,500 kCals would be my breakfasts and dinners, and I would supplement it with snacks and lunch along the route.  I know that I will have sources at Lake Morena (20 mi), Mount Laguna (41 mi), and the Stagecoach Trails Inn (77 mi).  Now that Mount Laguna Sports has closed, I’ll need to make sure that I have enough.

The lesson to be learned is that resupplying on the way is the best strategy.  You don’t want to ship a box only to never end up getting there.  Resupplying along the way keeps you moving.  Unfortunately, not every place has good resupply options and Warner Springs is one, so I’ll send a box there.

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