New and Improved PCT. Now 0.09% Bigger!!!

Halfmile released his 2018 maps yesterday and there is one significant difference.  The trail has grown an additional 2.5 miles.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!  Are they trying to kill us!?!  2,650.1 miles was long enough!  Now it is 2,562.6!?! You can’t just change the trail like that.  If you are going to add 2.5 miles in one place, you need to remove 2.5 miles from another.  Besides, 2,650.1 miles rolls of the tongue.

Two… Thousand… Six… Hundred… And Fifty… Point One…

That Point One? It was the cherry on top.

I already dropped a butt-load of money on two sets of maps — which are completely wrong now I might add.  The black-and-white copy fills two 2-inch binders, because this is no walk in the park.  That and I enjoy saying “I’m going on a hike, do you want to see the maps?”



“Oh. My. God.”



“Are you mad?”

But what really pisses me off about this is that I already bought 100 “I Laughed When He Said He Was Hiking 2,650.1 Miles” T-Shirts for those who don’t believe in me.  (You know who you are…)

The new section is in California, mile 1203.4.  The new 6.9 mile trail is much more ascetically pleasing and replaces a 4.4 mile section that was mostly a road hike.  It is a good thing, and 2.5 miles is another joyful hour on the trail.  The last one off wins.

T-minus 63 days.  Looks more and more like it is a drought year.  That means that I won’t die getting washed down in a flash flood in the mountains, but I’ll die of thirst in the desert.  Until then, I train and I dream.


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