T-60 Days

My adventure is drawing nearer and nearer.

My application to enter Canada was not approved.  I made the mistake of not following directions by trimming the images of my passport and drivers license.  I was worried that the files were too big, so I cropped them.  I’ll re-image them and send it again.

I will start putting together my two boxes this week as well.  I will send a box of food to Scout and Frodo where I am staying the night before I begin.  That box will need me going for all the California Section A from the Southern Terminus to the small town of Warner Springs at mile 109.

I know that I will be eating at a restaurant at Lake Morena (mile 20), Mount Laguna (mile 41) and the Stagecoach Trails (mile 77).  This means that I will not be carrying three meals per day.  I’ll probably only carry breakfast, snacks and dinner.

My plan is to buy locally and ship boxes from the trail where needed.  I hope to only ship boxes to 10 to 12 stops.  Warner Springs is one of the places I will need to ship a box, and the only place I need to send a box in all of Southern California.

I will ship that first box on March 20th.  That should get to San Diego in plenty of time for my April 6th start.  I will ship my box to Warner Springs on April 2nd.  With that, there is no more planning.  After that, I go wit the flow.


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