More Tasks Checked Off

I received a couple of packages yesterday.  I now have my bear canister and my micro-spikes.  I also needed to buy a new water filter because I was stupid…

My original plan was to wait to buy the gear I needed for the Sierra Mountains.  After calculating the time that it would take to get to Kennedy Meadows, I began to realize that there really wasn’t much time to do that.  Shipping stuff home and then to Kennedy Meadows two weeks in advance takes time.

The Bear Vault BV500 is heavy and carrying that through the mountains is going to suck.  It weighs 41 ounces.  My backpack weighs 49!  I’m not sure how I’m going to store up to eight days worth of food in there.  By then I’ll have hiker legs and some real thru-hiking cooking experience, so I’m not too worried about it.

My Kahtoola micro-spikes are something I can use in Wisconsin, so they are not just for the Sierras.  It is possible that if there is a late snow in Southern California, I could end up needing them early, so they are good to have.

Right now, I didn’t order and ice axe.  We’ll see how things shape up.  Most people in 2015 didn’t need one, and 2018 is looking more-and-more like 2015 for snow in the Sierra Mountains.

I’ve updated my Will.  It needed to be updated now that my kids are much older.  The only change really has to do if both my wife and I pass away at the same time.

Oh yeah.  My water filter.  Um.  I broke it.  As I wrote on Sunday, I gathered everything together and reweighed it.  I packed it up like I will hike on April 6th.  I slid my water filter in the back pouch.  Monday, I did my normal nine-mile hike with my pack on.  The temperature was in the single digits and the water bottles started to freeze.  What was in the pouch?  My water filter.  Freezing the filter breaks it.  I connected it up and tried to run water through it, but it started to leak out the side.  So…  That was dumb.  It was a good hike, though.  Nine miles in 2.5 hours or about 3.5 m.p.h.

That is an important lesson I’m glad I learned before I was on the trail.  I won’t do that again.  This weekend is shaping up like a good weekend to get in a 15 mile hike.


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