Common Question: Your Wife is Letting You Go?

When my adventure comes up in conversation, there are a number of common questions.  Are you scared?  Are you clinically insane?  Are you hiking alone?  Are you going to take a gun?  Are you taking a satellite phone?  One of my favorites is why is your wife letting you go?  Most of the questions express that individual’s fears, but this one is worth answering.  So, why is my wife letting me go?

When someone loves you and truly understands you, they know things that even you do not know.  In my case, my wife knows that I have a fundamental wanderlust.  I need to see what is on the other side of the mountain.  I try and contain it, but it bubbles over.

We also trust each other.  She knows that I love her and I have never done anything to break that trust.  I also will never do anything to break that trust.  That being said, she has given me two rules I may not break for this hike.

I will not allow my ego to exceed my ability.

This hike is a race.  It is not a race one wins in any given day.  I will need to push myself every day, but also stay within myself.  There will be situations I will run into where I will have to choose to go forward or go back.  I have a hard deadline of October 1st.  After that conditions are not safe to travel any longer, even for someone experienced with hiking in the snow.  I may have to accept that I cannot continue and return home.  The bottom line is that the goal is not worth giving up my life.

I may not share a hotel room a just one female.

To reduce costs, hikers share hotel rooms.  We all are carrying sleeping bags and are comfortable sleeping on the floor.  I will share a room with a whole bunch of people I do not know.  I might find someone on trail who hikes the same speed I do.  I may end up on a hiker family.  I don’t know what is going to happen.  I can share a hotel room with two females.  I can share a hotel room with eight females.  I just cannot share a room with just one female.

I’ve agreed to these two rules.  Did I mention my wife is awesome?


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