Micro Spike Training

My goal on Saturday was to begin to put it all together.  I would hike the Ice Age Trail with my by Campo start weight of 35 pounds.  The weather was in the high-30’s and cloudy.  I planned to do 15 miles and have my wife pick me up at the end.  I got up early, added water bottles to my pack to bring the weight up, and off I went.

When I pulled into the parking lot, it was a sheet of ice.  Fortunately, I took my new micro-spikes even though I’m not taking them when I leave.  I put on my pack and off I went.  I never took off my micro-spikes the entire day. The whole trail was a sheet of ice.

2018-02-24 10.03.37.jpgEventually, I reached a point of the trail where it was no longer a sheet of ice but practically a lake.  I knew it was at least a foot deep as I’ve walked this place a few times before.  It also wasn’t fully frozen and the ice could not support my weight.  I crept up as the ice cracked underneath me.  The sound was amazing.  I even saw a tiny fish dart under the water.  After a bit, with no end in sight and cold wet feet, I decided to turn around.  Ice on ice with a layer of water is extremely slippery, even with spikes.

There really wasn’t much value hiking through.  There were more hills where I came from so I started back.  I didn’t hike the 15 miles I planned, but I had a good three-hours of up-and-down hills with micro-spikes.  Today I have no residual soreness.

On the gear front, Costco had a set of convertible pants for $19.99.   I’ve decided to wear them instead.  They weigh about twice my running shorts weigh, but they have pockets.  Now I have the option of shorts or pants.

Still waiting for my permit to hike into Canada.  I have two boxes to pack as well, but it is too early.  All I can do is train and wait…

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