T-Minus 24 Days

I updated my training log and I’ve completed 250 trail miles since January 1st.  Those are miles with at least thirty-five pounds on my back.  I’ve been pretty lucky.  It has been a low snow year and the trails near my house have been open all winter.

I will train in most conditions.  Rain, snow and cold do not stop me.  They are opportunities to test my gear.  The only condition I will not train in is ice where I cannot wear my micro-spikes.  I’ve quit my job effective March 30th.  I’m not going to hurt myself now.  Crashing and burning before I even leave would be too embarrassing.

I did back-to-back nine mile days with forty pounds.  After adjusting all the straps on my backpack, I have it dialed in.  Yesterday, those forty pounds were nothing.

I have an event tonight, but I will be able to hike tomorrow and Thursday.  I’ve set a goal of 100 miles before I leave.

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