T-19 Days and Counting

The weather in Southern California has changed a bit.  There is been rain and snow. That is good news for me because that means some of the seasonal streams that were dry two weeks ago may have water when I’m there.  It was bad news for my sisters and brothers who have already left.  Many wrote that they stayed in town to let the weather pass and that is always a good decision.

Unfortunately, one of the hikers I was quietly cheering on, a Navy Veteran like me hurt her knee and limped into Mount Laguna (mile 42) and was looking for a ride to the hospital.  There is enough time for her to heal if it is something minor.  I have my fingers crossed.

Not much left for me to do.  I have pulled out all my gear and put my name and phone number on it like my Mom was sending me to camp.  Everything is in one of two bins, that which I am taking and that which will be shipped to me later.  I have food that I will ship to Mount Laguna and Warner Springs.  I’ll send those boxes next weekend.

I continue to make minor adjustments.  I’ve lightened my first aid kit, removing stuff I do not need.  I’m pretty much dialed in at this point.

Life wise, I have been saying goodby to friends.  I am a Ruling Elder of the Presbytery of Milwaukee for the PC(USA), and I have a number of churches I walk with as they go through transition.  I seem to do a good job at it, as I was elected to be Co-Moderator of the Commission on Ministry despite the fact that I’m leaving for six months (hopefully).  I’ve said my goodbyes to Faith Springs in Pewaukee, 1st Presbyterian Church in Clinton and I will be saying good bye to Calvary Presbyterian of Milwaukee on Sunday.  I told the Presbytery that I could continue to walk with them, but I was told no.  I told them that I am obeying in protest.

At this point, I have no responsibilities other than Dad and this hike.  It is a weird feeling.  I have to keep in mind that even in life, the lighter the load, the faster and farther you go.

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