T- 15 Days. Loose Ends Tied Down

The time draws near.  The excitement grows.  It is hard to sleep!

My focus has turned from training to tying down loose ends.  I have only six days left of work.  The firm I work for isn’t very good at thinking ahead.  I told them that I was going for a hike November 2nd, and only now does the urgency kick in.  I’ve heard rumors of how they are angry.  They didn’t think I was actually doing this.  Now they are trying to take notes.  When an employee gives five months notice, it is really the organization’s problem, not the employee.

My good friends at the Presbytery gave me what every backpacker needs in their backpack — a rock!  It is the Rock of Faith.  It weighs just one ounce.  It is not a want.  It is not a fear.  It is a need.  Therefore, I am taking the Rock of Faith.  To make room in my kit, I needed to take out one ounce, so I removed the hydration sleeve on my backpack.  It weighs 1.4 ounces, so adding the Rock of Faith decreases my base weight by 4 ounces!  They also gave me a beautiful send off.  With their prayers, how can I fail?

On Saturday, I will send a box to Warner Springs with plenty of time to get there.  I have decided to take breakfasts and dinners for five days and I will buy lunches along the way.  I was going to send two days of food to Mount Laguna, but I know I can buy stuff there.  The advice from those that have hiked before is to buy along the way.   I should follow their advice.

I have a couple of more church meetings and emails to do, so there isn’t much time to train.  At this point, I’m ready to go.  If I wasn’t ready now, I certainly would not have enough time to get ready.

Wow!  Fifteen Days!!!

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