T-Minus 7 Days – Pack Weighs too Much

Today is my last days of work.  At five o’clock, my profession will be backpacker.

Last night I put all my base weight in my pack and got on the scale.  Up to this point, it was all really a thought exercise.  I used Lighterpack and a small scale to weigh everything.  Now I’ve taken everything and put it in my pack and with the help of my daughter weighed it proper.  It is not where I want to be.  I have three days left to science the crap out of this pack.  I’m at 15.8 pounds.  Time for aggressive measures.

Now, there are some simple ways of reducing pack weight.  When I look at gear lists, I see what other people have done.  I can do some magic and move items out of the base weight category.  For example, I could say that I’m wearing my down jacket and reduce my pack weight a quick 8.5 ounces.  However, that is the same thing as saying that I’m going to save money by taking beer out of the entertainment budget by moving it to the food budget.  One could say, “Look I reduced the entertainment budget!”, but it was just accounting trick.  No, I need to find some ways to cut more weight.

As I have written before, I’m made some decisions that come at a weight penalty.  My pack weighs 49 ounces, but it has a carrying capacity of 40 pounds and has enough room to hold my bear canister.  Many of my sisters and brothers have much light packs, but with much lighter carrying capacities.  My pack can also take a beating.

I have dry bags for my clothes and quilt.  I could just use a garbage compactor bag, but I’ve see what that does to your quilt.

I could squeeze all the Neosporin out of the tube and into one of the small zip lock bags I have bought.  The tube weighs something and the zip lock bag is lighter.  Every little bit helps.  However, a tube with a cap is much more secure.  One accidental squeeze and the zip lock bag opens and I have Neosporin all over the place.

My battery is bigger than I need.  I am taking contacts and glasses.  That weighs something, too.  I have three days to figure this out.  I have some ideas, but not much time to implement them.


One thought on “T-Minus 7 Days – Pack Weighs too Much

  1. Keep working on it! When Walt would be preparing his backpack for a serious hike, he would say, “Ounces become pounds; pounds become pain!”


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