T-Minus 6 Days – And 8.4 Ounces Lighter

I spent a good two hours going over everything to try to find ways to lower my base weight.  After some effort, I was able to cut 8.4 ounces or slightly over half-a-pound.  Doesn’t seem like much, but then when you are going to walk 5.5 million steps, half-a-pound is pretty significant.  I’m still 3.2 ounces over my 15 pound limit.

At this point I would have to cut something significant. Can I skip taking my glasses because I’m wearing contacts?  That is 3.4 ounces.  Maybe I’ll just wear my glasses.  The solution is water and water is heavy.  I walk slower in my glasses.  At some point I just have to stop worrying about it.  I’m really close and I can decide better once I see what I’m using and what I’m not using.

I can say that I’ve gone through absolutely everything.

With that I’m focusing on getting my food packed and spending time with my family.  They are going to miss me, and I’m going to miss them.  That is what I’m going to do until I leave.

2 thoughts on “T-Minus 6 Days – And 8.4 Ounces Lighter

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Until you are out there hiking you won’t know what you need. Really need. You can always send it forward if you think you need it later. Family time also sounds like a great idea. I live in Hesperia near the PCT. Saw three different hikers on the trail. They are coming through slowly. Waiting patiently for your start date. 🙂


  2. Thank you Susie. I tried hard to limit my kit to only what I need while still robust enough to handle 150 days of trail. I still have one-or-two luxuries, because one had to be reasonably comfortable. I am so ready to go!


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