T-Minus 4 Days – Bags Packed, Ticket in Hand

The first phase of this journey is now complete.  I have spend countless hours researching, learning and relearning, training and hiking.  This is everything I’m taking.

  1. A ULA Catalyst backpack with my kit, 2.5 days of food, and a water carrying capacity of eight liters.
  2. A bag for the train.  It has my hiking clothes, snacks, and toiletries.   I will dispose of it in San Diego when I change into my hiking clothes.
  3. A box with five days of food that I’m sending to Warner Springs.  I’ll mail it once I’m done writing this.
  4. One pair of Altra Lone Peak 3.5 shoes with Green Superfeet insoles.  They have eighteen miles on them to break them in.
  5. My Ghost Whisper jacket, because it will be cold tomorrow.
  6. A one-way Amtrak ticket from Milwaukee to San Diego.

That is it.  These are my needs.  No more and no less.  I am so ready to go!

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