T-Minus 3 Days – From Training to On the Train

When I successfully signed up for a permit, I hoped that I would be able to take the train instead of flying to San Diego. My wife and I took a train when we visited Egypt. Unfortunately, I was ill and I stayed in my room the whole trip. By taking the train I hope to mentally slow down. I need to turn up my patience. I need turn off the internet.

The train is lovely. My room is tiny, but there is plenty of room for my gear.

I spent some time in the observation car. It has been a long time since i sat looking out of the window of a moving vehicle. I’m always the driver. I relaxed. I read. I wrote.

For dinner, I was seated at a table with a retired married couple from New Mexico and a film-maker from Wisconsin. We sat there talking for two hours. For once, I wasn’t doing all the talking.

It was dark by eight, so I converted my room to the sleeping configuration and called it a night.

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