Day 1: Calves Rock, Thighs Balk

Started: Southern Terminus (0.0)

Ended: Hauser Creek (15.4)

Total: 15.4 miles

If you want to see a well oiled machine, Scout and Frodo woke up 25 hikers, fed them, loaded them up on time. We were scheduled to leave at 0600 and we left at 0559.

Thirty minutes later, I was at the Southern Terminus.

I touched Mexico.

Jason and I became hiking partners. We’re going the same speed and are getting along nicely. Our game plan was simple…

We did pretty well at the start. I left with six liters of water. My pack was heavy but bareable. We found a heavenly water source at 4.4. We soaked our feet. The air was dry and I was drinking faster than expected.

Everything was running smoothly until lunchtime. Despite drinking plenty of water, my thighs started cramping up. Fortunately, I ran into Candice who gave some electrolyte tablets. Candice was amazing. I hope to run into her again.

Jason had some issues. We stopped to rest at some point, and he was complaining his butt was wet with sweat. He reached behind and he had a palm of water. That wasn’t sweat. His water bladers were leaking. He lost a liter or more and we still had no water for 14 miles and a long hike out of the canyon.

As we sat there experienced hiker named Turbo came by. Jason explained way all his gear was out. With that Jason was baptized with his hiker name, Fishtank. Not even ten miles in, he earned his name and it was given by a veteran hiker.

We kept it slow, and made it to camp by 1830. We cowboy camped. I fell asleep in about ten minutes.

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