Day 2: Climbed Out of Canyon Before Breakfast.

Started: Hauser Canyon (15.4)

Ended: Boulder Oaks Camp Ground (26.0)

Total: 10.6 miles.

We got up at five and got ready in about thirty minutes. Our immediate task was to climb out of Hauser Canyon. Three miles and 3,000 feet up. Yesterday my thighs we’re killing me the whole way.

To be honest, if there was any doubt I could finish this endeavor, it would be answered in the next three hours. So, with a Cliff Bar, a cup of coffee, and 600 mg of Vitamin-I, Fishtank and I approached the canyon trail.

Just before we left, Candice gave me another tablet of electrolytes. She is an angel.

F’Tank and I raced up trying to beat the sun before it started to bake the canyon floor. Understand that raced means about two miles per hour with rest stops every 15 minutes.

We leap frogged with Candice and Jamie from Wisconsin. At about nine o’clock we heard cheering from the top. They made it. Not long after we did as well. With that, we made a proper breakfast.

We hiked to Lake Morena. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a double order of extra salty french fries. We then rested, quite jubilant at the campground.

We rested a bit, but rumors of spaghetti in nine miles, but we were only able to do five. We still finished 1% of the trail, so we got that going for us.

So tomorrow we’ll hike four miles to a 2000 foot climb. We’ll see where we go from there. Health wise, I’m at 100%. No pain. No blisters. A lower mileage day is good until we’re in true hiker shape.

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