Day 4: More Drama Than Hiking

Started: Mount Laguna (42.0)

Ended: Penny Pines (48.7)

Total: 6.7 + 5 bonus miles

Today was going to be a lazy day. Fishtank had a box at the Mount Laguna Post Office, and that did not open until noon.

A bunch of us met at the Pine House Cafe and Tavern. The breakfast was excellent. It was good to get something not freeze dried in my stomach.

One of the hikers I came in with was very rude and was kicked out. He made some comments about my ability to hike and my gear choices back at Scout and Frodo’s, so I avoided him. He pulled down a sign in the restaurant that said do not charge you phone with this outlet. Needless to say, he’s still behind me and has been called out by the rest of the community. No one wishes to hike with him and he gets the stink eye at every stop.

Fishtank had more food than he needed in his box, so I didn’t need to resupply. He is very generous.

I prayed for someone I could hike with. God gave me someone who is in the exact same situation as me, except he is conservative and I’m liberal, because God has a wonderful sense of humor. Still, we get along so well that when we hike, I just need to look at him to know when to go faster or to rest.

The hike was short. We started in the afternoon, and we returned to where we left off. Many people just went through the town. They missed some amazing views.

While I can update the blog, I cannot upload the photos. Despite a short day, some of the photos I took were the best ever. I’ll resolve that when I can.

Tomorrow is going to be difficult. We have 25 miles of no water we must get through. Going to be a tough slog.

5 thoughts on “Day 4: More Drama Than Hiking

  1. Ahhh. A fellow believer. This blog just rose to the top for me. I’m so glad you are sharing your story through your belief. I took a trip to Spain to walk the Camino. The Lord was with me every day and it was amazing how He was there when I needed Him most. My faith grew in those 15 days and so much more since then. Many blessings for your physical and spiritual journey.


    • Yes. This is a spiritual pilgrimage for me. Forty days and nights in the desert. Served by angels. Come out strong enough to climb mountains.


  2. Hi JP – We met briefly at Scout & Frodo’s house on the morning of your departure. I’m sorry I did not get to chat with you for longer! I’m enjoying your blog and am so happy to hear that things are going well for you in your first few days. It seems like the first section from Campo to Mt. Laguna is the first big test, so it’s great to have that done. I hope you are managing the hot weather as well as could be expected.


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