Day 5: The Makings of a Good Thru-Hike Day

Started: Penny Pines (48.7)

Ended: Camp Site (64.0)

Total: 15.3 miles

We have started a 25 mile no water section. This is good practice for us for later hikes. I know my biggest weekness is the heat, and it isn’t even really hot yet. I proposed trying to do a ten by ten. Ten miles by ten a.m.

Fishtank and I got up at 4 a.m. and we’re on the trail by 4:30. We hiked in the cool and dark, moving quickly and needing little water. At some point, we crossed the 50 mile point. When the sun started to come up, we stopped and ate breakfast.

We reached our last water point and Ioaded up with eight liters.

The plan was to stop around 11 a.m. for lunch.

I hiked alone for most of the morning. The view was incredible. This was the reason I chose the PCT over the AT. I even passed the point on the trail from the photo I use for this website. I completed 8 miles by 10 a.m. I still have some work to do.

I was feeling great, but I found a comfortable shady spot. Jamie from Wisconsin joined me. I got up after a rest and snack, but found myself caught up exposed to the sun. I went from full tank to an empty tank in one climb.

Fishtank caught up to me, but I needed to rest. I sat for a while. Eventually, I garnered enough strength to meet up at where we agreed to eat like lunch.

Fishtank rigged some Tyvek with bungy cords to make some shade. So here I am, baking under some makeshift shade, huddled next to a bunch of people I just met less than a week ago, who stink like hell, and I was really happy.

Did I mention that we haven’t bathed in five days?

We got up at 2:30 and went back to hiking. Candice, the sweet person who helped me the first day caught up, so I hiked with her for a while.

Do to the nature of the trail, this campsite holds five, so we stopped here. I could have continued.

Tomorrow we will hitch into Julian. We’ll probably zero.

One thought on “Day 5: The Makings of a Good Thru-Hike Day

  1. The heat is my weakness too. In summer here in Australia I practically hibernate until autumn! Once it hits 30 degrees Celsius I tend to avoid bushwalking. That said, I want to do the pct so it’s interesting to hear how you are coping. The ten by ten idea is a good one.
    I’m really enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing.


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