Week One Lookback

Now that I’ve had a week of some difficult trail, I want to take a look back at how it is going so far.


I’ve written extensively about how I trained. I trained walking with a pack heavier than I’m carrying on the trail. I put miles on my feet, and because of that, so far I have no foot pain. I had one blister on the first day, but that was fixed by adjusting the tightness of my laces. My stretching exercises have helped as well. I have not used Vitamin-I to hike for the past three days.

The lack of extensive up-and-down training has not been an issue. If you want to do this, walk with a weighted backpack. The trail will teach you to climb.

Electrolytes have also been key. The cramps I had the first day were terrible. Adding something to the water eliminated cramps.

Know how to wear your pack. I spent a couple of hours watching videos on my ULA Catalyst. Learning that the top of the shoulder straps should not actually touch your shoulder did not make sense at first, but it does now. All the weight is on your hips. That means no shoulder or back pain. The hip belt fits much better now that I’ve lost more weight.

Speaking of that, I’ve lost some serious weight in just one week. Eating more regimented and hours of exercise works. I do not have time to think about food.


I’ve lost one piece of gear, my emergency whistle. I will buy one when I can.

I have neither added or removed anything. I’m thinking about adding a full sized foam pad and dumping the camp seat. The camp seat is great, but I want to lay down. If I get rid of my t-shirt and camp seat for a foam pad, there should be no change in base weight.

Other than moving stuff around, by gear is the right gear for me.


I need to carry more water than most. Oh well.


I quickly lost the taste for coffee. I didn’t have any withdraw symptoms. I just gave up caffeine. Now I use coffee to trade.


There is so many people who are willing to help you. The trail simply provides.


We are behind schedule, but gaining strength. It was interesting to see all our classmates in Julian who pushed ahead here healing up. I’m just resting and have no healing to do. Next week we need to push ourselves to 18 miles per day. There is plenty of adjusting we can do and stay on schedule early on, but we cannot become lazy. This is still a race.

I’m ready to return to the trail.

2 thoughts on “Week One Lookback

  1. Sounds amazing. I would have died from my fear of heights! Keep up the great job! You definitely can do this! Prayers for a safe journey.


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