Day 8: 10, 20, 100

Started: Campsite (86.0)

Ended: Eagle Rock (106.2)

Total: 20.2

Achievements Unlocked:

Ten By Ten (1), Twenty Mile Day (1), One Hundred Miles, Ride the Eagle

The wind was fierce. I was cowboy camping behind a large bush. I used rocks and my pack to keep the wind off me. My outer shell is my wind breaker and I stayed reasonably warm. The wind died at some point last night.

I woke up by 5:30. I chose not to push it as I had expended quite a bit of energy hiking uphill and overcoming the wind.

The goal today is to stage myself close to Warner Springs so that I can get my resupply box. It is probably too far to hike the whole way, and who wants to sleep in town when you can sleep in nature?

I hiked five miles to my first water source, but I still had four liters. I stopped and made breakfast.

I then hiked to a small cave to rest. I looked at my clock. Ten miles by ten a.m. That is a small yet important achievement. That is what I must master to be able to hike 20 miles or more a day.

I ran into Fishtank, now hiking with a different group. I’m invited, but the other couples are married and I’m concerned that hiking with them will make me miss home more than I do. Still, we celebrated 100 miles so far.

The difference between Fishtank and I is the training. He’s hurting, I’m flying. No doubt we’ll hike together again, but for now we will part ways.

The hiking family is now Jamie from Wisconsin, Laura from Tennessee, Candace, and Brian (Maoi).

There was trail magic at mile 15 for me, and I made it pretty effortlessly. I was handed a Keystone Light. Not my favorite beer, but it was damn good. Jamie and I took a nap for two hours before rejoining the trail.

We set a goal of Eagle Rock. It would be a twenty mile day. Jamie and I had a staredown with some cows. Despite our Wisconsin heritage, these cows took a defensive position. We decided to walk around.

We hiked another five hours. I didn’t eat enough, so I was dragging, but I made it.

We took pictures and celebrated. I cowboy camped to the most beautiful sunset.

3 thoughts on “Day 8: 10, 20, 100

  1. The cows made me LOL… and you were worried about bear or snake! Who would’ve thought?! Glad you made it through safely!


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