Day 10: Who Hired Escher?

Started: Campsite 115.4

Ended: Campsite 131.5

Total: 16.1 miles

As I last left you yesterday, I strategically placed myself at the base of a mountain so that I could hike it with fresh legs in the morning. I ate well both last night and this morning. I got up at five so I could begin before it became too hot. There is one thing I did not take into account. It seems the trail team contracted Escher to design this section.

I knew this was going to be a long uphill hike. I didn’t think it would be ten miles of unrelenting up. I should have left the atmosphere for the number of steps I took going up. Every time I turned the corner all I could see is the trail going up. My calves of steel were a burning pile of slag.

After six hours of hiking I went just 9 miles. I was so hot and tired, I curled up around a boulder, the only shade in a hundred miles. There may have been some crying.

Eventually, I reached Mike’s Place. It is a notorious resupply point and watering hole. It is styled in something you would see on an episode of the Walking Dead. The whole place screams Hepatitis C and Bed Bugs. They do maintain a water cache, so I left a donation. It seemed rather unholy, so despite wind warnings I raced up the ridge and pounded out another six miles after four p.m.

I found shelter in the bushes to protect me from the wind.

About 8 p.m., 69 year old hiker Sunshine asked if she could camp next to me. I said sure, although I might snore.

She is an amazing section hiker. She carries a 1970’s external pack with a 19 pound base weight. With food, she’s carrying 23 pounds, not including water. She does this despite some back issues. Keep in mind that I have a 15 pound base weight.

We talked past hiker’s midnight about good works, religion, and the choices I’m making after this hike. She is wonderful person who is an example to everyone.

One thought on “Day 10: Who Hired Escher?

  1. ❤❤❤ This! She sounds amazing! So cool all the people you are meeting!! Enjoying reading about your adventures! So inspiring JP! Awesome! Peace and blessings! ✌


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