Day 11: Started Strong, Ended Meh

Started: Campsite 131.5

Ended: Campsite 146.3

Total: 14.8

Achievements: Ten By Ten (2)

I got up and said goodbye to Sunshine, and really started moving. In the back of my mind was that I was in striking distance of the best hamburger on the trail at the Paradise Valley Cafe. It would be a 20 mile day, but totally worth it.

I moved with great speed and pounded out 12 miles by 11 a.m. The trail was well groomed. The air was cool.

I ran into a mother / daughter team from Green Bay, Wisconsin who I ran into on day two. The told me two important things. First, the cafe closed at 3 p.m. on Mondays. Second, the weather was expected to be below freezing tonight.

I looked at the elevation map, I had quite a bit of uphill climbing yet to do. I wasn’t going to make it by three. I would probably be better off finding a safe place to camp to get out of the heavy winds I was fighting. I found a great spot in between some bushes.

My camp was set up by 3:30 p.m. I crawled into my quilt and ate dinner. I packed all the gear that cannot freeze like my phone, battery, contacts, and water filter into my pockets.

After I finish eating, I figured I’d take a little snooze…

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