Day 12: A Gear Related Sidetrack

Started: Campsite 146.2

Ended: Idylwild 151.8

Total: 5.6 Miles plus 2 Bonus Miles

As an experienced Wisconsin camper, my gear was designed to handle below freezing temperatures. Combined with a well placed shelter, I was out of the wind and quite comfortable.

I woke to frost everywhere. My tent was icy. My quilt was icy. My beard was icy. The desert was icy. The sign was icy.

Seriously Icy, both the beard and sign.

The views were still awesome.

The cafe opened at 8 a.m., so I was in no rush. When I was there I was told that a trail angel would be there in short order to take people to Idylwild.

I enjoyed breakfast with Sunshine. Sadly her section is done.

There are two ways to Idylwild. One is to hitch from the cafe at 151.8. The normal was is to hike to 179.4. The trail is closed from 168.6 to 179.4 due to a fire.

There is an alternative route with road hikes and Brian and I could not understand the water situation. It seems that we needed to walk up to a mile off the alternative trail for water.

We decided to hitch into Idylwild. I have a critical gear issue I needed to resolve. Being cold and wet only made things worse.

You see, so far I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I left with pants a size too small, and now they are falling off. I cannot tighten the belt anymore and it has become quite painful. My skin is sore and the sand makes it worse. I’m going to Idylwild to go to the outfitters for new pants.

I’m going to zero here. That was eleven straight days of hiking and I need to heal up for this next haul.

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