Day 13: A Zero

So, today is a day of rest. I purchased a new pair of light weight shorts. I tossed the old pair. I bought food for six days. I repaired gear with needle and thread. I did laundry. I’ve taken about four showers in two days. I’m ready to go but…

There is a winter storm warning here. There will be snow in the mountains. That is not a big deal. It is the wind warnings. Gusts of 70 mph and below freezing temperatures.

I have a couple of choices. I could hike on. I could zero again. I could take the Black Mountain Road alternate.

Hiking on probably breaks my wife’s rule #1. I may not allow my ego to exceed my ability.

I could zero again. I won’t stay in the hotel. It is too expensive.

I could take a 15 mile road hike that avoids the whole mess. It would keep me on schedule, but cause me to miss some beautiful parts of the trail.

After hemming and hawing, I’ve decided to move to the campsite and zero there. I’ll need to buy a day worth of food, but there is a market along the way. It is the safest and best choice.

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