Day 14: Waiting for Weather

The weather was terrible today. Snow, sleet, and rain. I laid in my tent reading for most of the morning. It was a wise choice not to advance. I can hike in rain and snow. I can hike in heavy winds. Hiking in both is stupid.

Some time in the afternoon, Fishtank texted me. He is here. I met up with his group for pizza. They asked me to join up with them. It will require another zero as they need one.

The skin behind my knees is still not healed. Of all the injuries I researched, a blister like wound behind both my knees was not expected. I’m treating it with cortisone and keeping it clean. Another day of rest to heal is probably necessary if I want it to go away for good is appropriate. So, I will rest one more day.

4 thoughts on “Day 14: Waiting for Weather

  1. JP – It is exciting reading about your adventures! Hope the weather and your injury clears up soon and you can be on your way again. You have to live up to your new name! Love it! Praying for you, your friends at 1st Pres Clinton


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