Day 17: I Cannot Be Stopped

Started: Campsite 187.5

Ended: Water Faucet 205.7

Total: 18.2 Miles

Achievements: Survived the Killer Bees, I’ve Been Hit, Rattle Snake Staredown, 200 Miles

Just a reminder of what I’m doing.

The Fishtank and I got moving at 6:00 a.m. to take advantage of the cool air. Due to my weak performance the day before, we had to hike 18 miles to the next water source. We both had slightly more than three liters which was not enough.

We hiked to where we intended to camp and started to eat breakfast. A trail angel left fruit, snacks, and more importantly, water. I drank a liter, and filled two bottles. A rough day became much easier now that I had enough water, or so I thought.

The first ten miles had some killer views.

Eventually, we reached our secondary goal, the 200 mile marker.

We found some shade and rested for a big push to the water source.

There were rumors of killer bees at mile 202. I can say with great confidence that the rumors are true. A swarm of bees surrounded me, especially around my face. Fortunately, my beard defended me. One bee stung me on my right thumb. I ran out of there, as they followed me for some distance.

The last couple of miles were tough. We were tired. The water we carried was body temperature. As we completed the last switchback, I was surprised by a rattlesnake. It hissed and shook it’s rattle. I yelled.

Satisfied that scared the crap out of one last hiker, it slithered away.

I’m not sure how far we will hike tomorrow. We’re in the desert now, and it will be hot.

4 thoughts on “Day 17: I Cannot Be Stopped

  1. WOW! This is the kind of post I’ve imagined your travels would be like! Congrats on 200 miles! Don’t forget to stay safe & stay hydrated!! Keeping you & your fellow hikers in my prayers!


  2. My wife Lisa and I enjoyed sharing the trail with you and Fishtank on this section of the PCT. it seemed like the tortoise and hare. We were the tortoise and you were the hare. But you beat us to the water at 205.75. My bee stings are still bothering me. Good luck with the rest of your hike


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