Day 19: I’m Part of an Elite Club of Bobcat Survivers

Started: Whitewater Preserve (218.5)

Ended: Tent Site (230.9)

Total: 12.4 miles

Achievements: Bobcat Surviver

We slept in after our late hike the night before. I was still not 100%. Fishtank told me he felt the same. Unfortunately, getting up late meant dealing with the heat.

The good news is that this part of the trail has plenty of water.

We hiked to a shaded tree at mile 226.2, where we rested and drank, until the heat died down.

As we were hiking, Fishtank yelled to me. He thought a fox ran between him and I. I’m normally point, and there was about 30 yards between us. We both had a better look at the creature. It was not a fox, but a bobcat.

So, the question is did it run from me in fear, or was it planning on attacking me, the slow moving beast, from behind but was scared away by my hiking partner?

Personally, I think it was going to attack, but as it came close, it took one wiff of me and concluded I would not be good to eat.

We concluded that the best course of action was to camp early and get a good early morning start. We hiked to 230.9 and called it a night.

Strangely, I took no pictures this day. That gives you a good idea of how I was feeling.

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