Day 23: 10% Completed

Started: Big Bear Lake (250.0)

Ended: Big Bear Lake (266.0)

Total: 16 miles

I had difficulty sleeping last night. The hotel was too quiet. There is no sound of blowing wind. I longed to be back on the trail. So far the vortex around the town isn’t strong enough to make me want to stay.

We had a ride scheduled for 10 a.m. our goal today was to advance 16 miles, the way most people enter Big Bear Lake. My pack was heavy with seven days of food, but I only needed to carry two liters of water.

Little John followed closely behind me. The first interesting location from where we were was a small zoo where animals are trained for Hollywood. I was point. Somehow I missed the trail as it came off a short road hike and I miss the zoo, so I don’t have any cool pictures of tigers and bears.

I told Little John that it is tradition in my family that when my wife and I hike and someone loses the trail, the other person can ridicule the one leading until the trail is found again. Little John refuse to pick on me.

The weather and the trail were nearly ideal so we advanced quickly.

Near the end, the trail opened, and I had one of the most amazing views yet.

We also reached the 10% completed point.

Tonight the wind is blowing hard and cold. I have my tent slung low and I’m going to be wearing all my clothes to stay warm. After a late hike we will sleep in until six.

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