Eat, Sleep, Hike, and Blog

My intent for this blog is to keep it raw. I do not have anyone proofing it. I write it exhausted after the day, using my phone. Trying to type on this little keyboard is challenging. I’m not able to edit or adjust photos.

Still, this is a good reflection of what it is really like. Thru hiking has a glamour about it. In reality, it is hot, gritty, and exhausting. You make friends quickly, only to never see them again. Gear breaks and you have to make do. You have to keep your eyes down and concentrate, because one misstep and you can really hurt yourself. I am often on a ridge where to the side of me is a 100 foot drop or more.

It is amazing, however. I can see the transfiguration in me after 300 miles. The way I look and feel is completely different than before I left. I am forced to make changes. All my senses have become acute. Despite the dangers, I feel calm.

So, I apologise if content isn’t perfect. I’m often too tired to fix it.

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