Day 28: I’m Loving It

Started: Tentsite (333.8)

Ended: Swarthout (347.2)

Total: 13.4 miles plus .8 Bonus miles

Achievements: Pig Out At Micky-D’s

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Our immediate goal was to hike to the Cajon Pass McDonald’s. In that eight mile hike, we saw one of the most amazing panoramic views. If I wasn’t blogging off my phone, I’d edit the site so I could display large images. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for this.

There we ran into Napoleon and Dreamer. They are hey hiking team like Fish Tank and I. They met at Scout and Frodo’s and hiked together ever since. They remind me of an old married couple. They pick on each other. Napoleon is a trivia machine and it drives Dreamer crazy. What makes it truly interesting is that Dreamer is from Germany and Napoleon is Dutch. They are both speaking a second language to each other and making fun of the other’s accent.

After yesterday’s long hike, both Fish Tank and Little John have sore feet. As it was hot, we hung around McDonald’s until it cooled off. We finished the day with a five mile hike to a water cache.

It is going to be hot tomorrow and the hike brutal. We have 16.2 miles and 5,000 feet of incline to get to Wrightwood. I’ve directed everyone to eat all their heavy food tonight. Did I mention that it is a no water carry? This might the second worst hike day. We’ll see.

One thought on “Day 28: I’m Loving It

  1. You two are moving right along. You just passed my neck of the woods. I was hoping to meet some of the hikers I’ve been following since Mexico. I’m hiking the PCT around Silverwood Lake today. Oh well.
    On another note that hike from Mc Donald’s is brutal. I did a piece of it backwards this year. I’ll continue following all the way. Enjoying your hike. You’ve got this.


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