Day 30: Nero in Wrightwood

Started: Wrightwood (369.3)

Ended: Unmarked Campsite (376.3)

Total: 7 miles

Wrightwood is an amazing town, very friendly to hikers. In many ways, I am disappointed that we didn’t spend more time there. However, as we took an unscheduled zero due to weather earlier in the week, we committed ourselves to just spending the night.

Despite the short stay, much work was done. The hotel we stayed in, the Cedar Lodge, was the best hotel yet. Although it was expensive, everything was within short distance from us.

One little quirk about Wrightwood is that there are no laundry facilities. The motel provided buckets for us to hand wash our clothes. We were free to hang out our laundry outside our door using clothesline if we had it. I have rope from my zPacks bear bag, so Fish Tank’s and my clothes hung out to dry through the night.

I purchased a new outer shell at the local Outfitter / Hardware store, Mountain Hardwear. It is a Red Ledge outer shell and it is definitely waterproof and significantly more durable then my Helium II.

Everyone struggles on the PCT, in my case it is my gear that has giving me grief. To be honest, I consider myself very lucky. I can always buy new gear.

I bought four days of food, so my pack is now heavy again.

We made our way to the road to hitch out of town, and probably set a new record for picking up a hitch. With the three of us, we normally need two cars. Fish Tank stuck out his thumb and within one minute two cars stopped to help us. Like I said, Wrightwood is a very hiker friendly town.

With the late start, and a steep climb up Mount Baden-Powell, our goal was to just hike far enough from town that we were no longer caught in its vortex.

We hiked for seven miles, and found an excellent camping site. We are going to have a wonderful sunrise, and a quick trip up to the peak of the mountain. In the past, I talked about the difficulties the clients for me. Today, I liked it almost to the top of the mountain without sweating at all. I have learned to pace myself and now even steep inclines do not tire me.

We anticipate making it to Acton in four days. There I will have a box with new shoes, a new air mattress, and some personal items sent from home. Our goal is to have mileage in the 18 to 20 mile range per day from now on.

It is going to be a windy night, and there is no way we could avoid that. My Hexamid is slung low and is handling the wind very well. Tomorrow we will get up with the sunrise, summit Baden-Powell, and hike on.

One thought on “Day 30: Nero in Wrightwood

  1. I can’t wait to stay in Wrightwood next yr, will make sure I have enough time to enjoy, lol. Keeping notes to learn from your experience! Your doing great!


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