Day 31: Mountains to Frogs

Started: Unmarked Campsite (376.3)

Ended: Eagles Roost (390.2)

Total: 13.9 Miles

Achievements: Mount Baden-Powell

Today was a long day with many ups and downs. We got up early and finished climbing Mount Baden Powell. This was the first mountain I’ve ever climbed. As I’ve got more in shape my legs continue to hike regardless of the grade as long as I take in calories.

The view from Mount Baden-Powell was amazing. After pictures were taken we proceeded to hike down as far as we had hiked up.

We rested just before starting the climb for Mount Williams. We didn’t have time to climb to the top, but it seems as though we did most of the work.

On the climb down I slid on some rocks and I seem to have given myself a high ankle sprain. It didn’t hurt too much so I continued on.

We reached the point of the PCT that is closed due to an endangered frog. There is an alternative route that we will take tomorrow. Nearby is a small campground with water where we could have a campfire and a bunch of hikers gathered with us. We cooked dinner, we talked, we laughed until hiker midnight.

We had hoped to hike more miles, however climbing a mountain and nearly a second does take a bit of time.

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