Day 33: Houston, We Have a Problem

Started: Sulphur Springs (406.6)

Ended: Mill Creek Fire Department (418.5)

Total: 11.9 miles

My right ankle has swollen up nicely, and it throbbed all night with a numbing pain. It is clear to me, that this situation is not getting any better. I looked at the map and the best place to extract myself is the Mill Creek Fire Department.

Fish Tank used his Garmin to contact a friend of his named Jim. Jim agreed to pick me up there. Jim also brought goodies and cold soda for the hikers who were there. It was his first time as a trail angel.

Little John followed closely behind me as I led point for what may be my last time.

What I have is swelling above my ankle. It is quite painful to walk, and if I land on my foot wrong, pain shoots up my leg. This could be shin splints or it could be a fracture. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor and have some x-rays taken.

I used to be a sports writer, so I know a little bit about these types of injuries. Shin splints, while painful, can be controlled with pain medication and compression socks. A fracture means 4 to 6 weeks.

Jim dropped me off at the KOA in Acton, and I took a shower and did some laundry. Like every mother has ever said, you want to wear a pair of clean underwear to the doctor.

At the KOA was Napoleon and Dreamer. We bought pizzas and talked well past hiker midnight.
I suspect I will not sleep well tonight as I am worried that I am done. I have more that I want to do.

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