Day 34: Off to Urgent Care

Zero at the Acton KOA

I didn’t sleep well. The numbing pain was a constant reminder that I might be done.

I got up and took a shower and did the laundry. I found an urgent care in Palmdale. I packed up my backpack and called a Lyft.

They looked at me funny. Here I am all ragged with a dirty backpack. Then I handed my insurance card. The homeless looking person has good insurance! Then they treated me better.

The good news, no broken bones. The bad news, I have some damage to the joint between my ankle and my lower leg. I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow. I’ve also lost 25 pounds.

With the appointment done, I walked 1.7 miles to a Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a replacement bladder. I seemed to have popped one. Everything on the trail is pokey. Should I have been walking from urgent care? I didn’t have any broken bones.

When I returned my resupply box came. I now have new shoes. I have a working sleeping pad.

Fish Tank and Little John came in at 5 p.m. I did their laundry while they showered and relaxed in the pool here. They we’re happy to see that I’m not in a boot, but I don’t have an answer when I will return. That question will hopefully be answered tomorrow.

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