Doctor’s Report

I had some good news on the injury front.  I’m healing faster than anticipated.  I expected as much.  I’ve suffered from a number of gruesome leg injuries playing baseball and softball and I know I heal quickly.

The doctor has told me that I can take a walk on Monday and see how it feels.  I can also start doing me stretching exercises immediately.  If after a short walk I do not have any pain, I can increase the distance and see how it goes.  If there is any amount of pain, I need to return to the boot.

So, I’m hopeful enough that I’m figuring out how I’m going to get back on trail.  The most likely scenario is that I will return to the PCT at Walker’s Pass and hike into Kennedy Meadows.  My reasoning to two fold.  First, hiking with my friends is more important to me than missing part of the desert.  Second, this will put me back on track time and strength wise.  If I return to the Mill Creek Fire Department at mile 418.5, I’m not likely to make it to the Northern Terminus by my September 26th deadline.  However, I’ll want to get some miles under my belt before attacking the Sierra Mountains.

So, if the way is made clear, I will return to the trail about May 28th at Walker Pass.  I’ll hike into Kennedy Meadows where I will have sent my bear canister and a resupply box.  I’ll have a chance to rest with Fish Tank and we’ll be off into the Sierra Mountains on June 7th.  As I’ve been demoted to Section Hiker (not that it is really a demotion), I’ll hike the missing part sometime in the future.  It may be after I reach the Northern Terminus.  It might be in a year or two.

The way made clear is also a family in agreement that I should return.

However, I’m still waiting for my gear to be delivered from California.  I’ve had a heck of a time tracking it down.  I hope I have that problem resolved and I will have it soon.  I’m going to make some changes which will be easy if I’m at home.

I wish I knew what the future held.  I’m ready to send a box now.  In the meantime, I’m going to follow the doctor’s direction and be patient.

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