Trail Return Eminent

Just a quick update.

The plan is to return to the trail in two days. We are waiting for Fein and Chef to get to Walkers Pass which should happen tomorrow. We will help them by picking them up and shuttling to the store for resupply. In the meantime, we’ve kept ourselves busy.

After dropping Chef and Fein back on the trail in Tehachapi, we spent the night there. In the morning I transported hikers to the trail.

We spent that afternoon visiting some of the sites that I missed including Hiker Heaven, Casa de Luna, Hikertown, and the LA aqueduct. I now have the PCT Class of 2018 bandana. We spent that night in a biker bar called “The Rock”. I had the unique privilege of listening to Fish Tank sing karaoke.

The next day we drove to were Little John was picked up by SAR. It is also the start of the famous 43 mile water carry. We provided sodas and fruit to about 40 hikers. We also got a chance to surprise Fein and Chef. We camped there that night.

We have since moved into a 1970’s trailer at a trail angel’s house in Walden, about 25 miles from Walkers Pass. I’ll drop the rental car off tomorrow.

As it is Sunday, I drove to Ridgecrest and visited Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church. I brought my letter of introduction from the Presbytery of Milwaukee. It is the first time I visited a church on trail. I’m never in town on Sundays.

A little extra time off can only be good for my ankle. Fish Tank’s feet have been hurting, so the rest is good for him. His issue is blister related, so once the skin heals, he’ll be good to go.

We’ll start back up slowly. I’ll need time to get my hiker legs back. The weather in the Sierra Mountains has improved, so there will not be miles of postholing. I’ll still need an ice axe, however.

The temperature here has been 100+, and it is supposed to cool down by Tuesday. I’m antsy, but it will be great to have the family together.

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