Day 37: Dog Days

Date: June 6th

Started: Spanish Needle Creek (668.7)

Ended: Chimney Creek (680.8)

Total: 12.1 miles

We left Spanish Needle Creek early, but I was dogging it entire day. It didn’t matter how many calories I took in, I was tired. Chef left her prescription glasses back at camp and didn’t realize it until she had hiked two miles. That it a damper on our day.

I ran into my first snake since I returned. This one had quite an attitude. It was sunning itself on the trail and refused to move.

As we started to advance I began to feel quite ill. My throat was sore, and I felt pretty terrible.

Due to Chef’s situation, we stopped early. I had a mild fever, so I decided to try some Native American medicine. I put on all my clothes, and proceeded to eat a lot sugary foods and drink a lot of water. My goal was to take my mild fever and increase in sustain it. I would sweat away this cold. I hacked and gaged and sweat.

Fish tank said that I sounded so horrible that if I was a horse he would is put me out of my misery. I told him I felt bad enough I might put myself out of my misery. So, I didn’t eat much, and I didn’t sleep well.

I’m not doing a very good job of easy into the hike.

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