Day 39: Gear Changes

Date: June 8th

In Kennedy Meadows, the PCT hiker makes some gear changes before entering the higher and colder conditions. As I was home, I had already made some changes to my kit. I replaced my lightweight base layer with a medium weight. To cover the weight gain, I removed my laundry shirt from the kit.

Fish tank and I bought our ice axes at the REI in Hollywood and carried them since Walker Pass.

The rest of my kit was in a box sent from home. My daughter drew an amazing water dragon on it. Unfortunately, it was broken into, and a critter got into it and feasted on my eight day supply of food.

The food in the bear canister was fine. My bottle of DEET leaked a little bit. My microspikes were fine.

Today’s goal was to eat, rest, and visit the outfitter. I forgot to replace my sunglasses when I was home. With all the sand blowing in my face, they were more like frosted glass than sunglasses.

Tomorrow, we’ll shower, do laundry and rest some more. We’ll be taking this next section slow as it is some of the best. It includes climbing Mount Whitney and crossing Forester Pass.

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