Day 41: Stupid Mattress

Date: June 10th

Started: Kennedy Meadows Camp (704.6)

Ended: Monache Meadow (716.5)

Total Miles: 11.9

My third air mattress lasted exactly six days before it popped. I dreamt that my air mattress had failed only to awake to that reality.

That delayed us. Our trail angels took us to the outfitter, but it didn’t open until 9 a.m.

Once we got going, it was clear we were no longer in the desert.

Let me tell you, that was such a relief. After two months of carrying five to six liters of water, we left camp carrying absolutely no water. None. We just walked and filtered when we became thirsty. It was awesome!

Unfortunately, as this in bear country, we are now carrying a bear canister to hold our food. As this is a long carry, we are carrying eight days of food. As we will run into snow, we have microspikes and an ice axe.

Come to think of it, our packs are as heavy as ever.

I continued to stretch my legs out so that I might be able to keep up with Fish Tank. I made Monache Meadow by five. It is one of the popular places to camp on the PCT. I was able to set up my tent on — get this — grass!

That was a good thing as I popped my air mattress.

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