Day 43:

Date: June 12th

Started: Death Canyon Creek (730.8)

Ended: Stealth Camp (748.7)

Total Miles: 17.9

After yesterday is late push we did not leave until 7:30 a.m. We simply needed the rest.

The first 3.2 miles was a 1,600 foot climb. We had a few of these lately and I hoped that we would smash through it. We didn’t get to the top until after 12:30 p.m. That is less than a mile per hour.

We were dragging, so we were easily distracted. First, F-16’s were practicing bombing runs in Owen’s Valley. In a few cases, they flew right over us so close we could see the words on the bottom of the planes clearly. Our vantage point was amazing.

I had taken only two liters of water for the 10 mile water carry. Normally that is enough. I drank through one liter to get to the top, so I was motivated to get to the next water source. There I waited for everybody else.

After dinner, we agreed that we needed to put in more miles. Three miles by noon is no way to get to Canada. We hiked into night. We found a flat spot when ee could not take another step and called it a night.

After starting off very slow, we really picked it up for a good day.

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