Day 53: Mather Pass

Started: Tentsite (811.3)

Ended: Middle Fork Trail Junction (827.4)

Total Miles: 16.1

Achievements: Mather Pass (12,093 ft.), Trailblazer

Today was both an exhausting and amazing day.

The hike up Mather Pass was fairly simple. The path up was not technical. It was just graded switchbacks. Once we were over the top, it became much more complicated.

The trail itself was covered in snow. The treachery of making our own path verses trying to follow the quite dangerous snow covered trail was deemed to be equal. So instead of following the trail, Fish Tank and I bounded down the cliff face, jumping from boulder to boulder. The F’Tank is quite athletic. I am much more entertaining to watch.

After about 30 minutes, we rejoined the trail having avoided most of the snow field.

Then the hike changed. Hiking the PCT, you are used to moments of awe. You will turn the corner and look out into infinity. Today, we spend most of the hike after the pass in awe. It is a shame that I had to walk on past what I saw.

We committed to the script, so we hiked 16 miles. It was too much, and we are concerned about the snow situation at Muir Pass, so we might slow down and camp just before the pass. We will have to see.

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