Day 51: Glen Pass

Date: June 20th

Started: Tentsite (789.8)

Ended: Woods Creek Suspension Bridge (799.8)

Total Miles: 10.0

Achievements: Glen Pass (11,949 ft.)

We are following the PCTA’s recommended “One Pass Per Day” plan. Day One of that plan has us cross Glen Pass and camp at Woods Creek. We made short work climbing up, but things became interesting on the way down.

We had to cross a snow field, like we did on Forester, but this time we were early in the day and postholing was easy. What was difficult was that the entire path was technical. Of the ten miles we hiked, we probably had one mile of simple trail. The rest was bounding from one rock to the next. It was hard to get momentum, and we were both very tired at the end of the day.

There has been bear activity where we are camping, so most of my stuff is in the nearby bear box.

Tomorrow is going to be much of the same. Big climb, technical climb down, exhausted despite few miles. Once we’re done with the Sierra Mountains, we’ll kick it into gear.

The views were amazing. So were the mosquitos, so I don’t have much for photography. I did take a number of great panorama shots, but I’ll need to add a plug-in to show them here and I cannot do that with my phone.

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