Day 54: Muir Pass

Started: Middle Fork Trail Junction (827.4)

Ended: Muir Shelter (838.6)

Total Miles: 11.2

Achievements: Muir Pass (11,969 ft.), Sleep’n the Hutt

One aspect of thru-hiking is dealing with when things go wrong. Last night, I woke to a popped air mattress. This is the fourth mattress I’ve popped. Fortunately, I can patch this one.

I woke up at 5 a.m. and I know where the hole is roughly, because I dunked it in the river, but I cannot see it with my eyes which makes it hard to patch.

Our goal today is Muir Pass which will be the most difficult. Unlike the previous hikes where the trail has been mostly snow free, here we will need to trailblaze the last three miles.

Tired and sore, I tried to keep a positive attitude, but the lack of sleep took it’s toll.

For the final approach, we were joined by Nap and Bubbles from Switzerland. The last climb took much longer than expected. We reached the top and stood before the Muir Shelter. It is an icon of the PCT.

Running later than expected and enjoying the view we decided to ignore the no camping sign and sleep there for the night.

We were joined by three other hikers, Moonshine, Sherpa and Shitty Shitty Bang Bang (I didn’t give him the name. I’m only reporting it.)

SSBB earned his name as he was sick on the trail. I carry anti-diarrhea pills and that carried him through.

Six of us had a great time. SSBB fixed my air mattress. By now, my foul mood had changed. We ate. We joked. We watched the sun set.

Unfortunately, Fish Tank didn’t seem to enjoy it. He wanted so badly to sleep here.

It started out a bad day, but ended one of the best.

One thought on “Day 54: Muir Pass

  1. Funny you should mention “the worst and the best”. I had one of those days hiking the Camino in Spain. I only had time to do half of the Camino.
    Yup it happens.


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