Day 55: What? No Passes?

Started: Muir Shelter (838.6)

Ended: Tentsite (855.7)

Total Miles: 17.1

The night in the Muir Shelter was awesome, even though I slept on stone. We got up early and watched the sunrise. Bubbles from Switzerland made Chai Tea for me. We all huddled in our sleeping bags and quilts.

Fish Tank chose to sleep outside. The noise of six hikers sleeping was too much for him.

Muir has been the most difficult pass to climb and decent because of snow. Postholing in the morning is much easier because the snow is frozen. It took a bit to get down off the pass, but once that was done, it was all downhill.

There were lakes of snow melt on the pass that made for an amazing site.

We did some good Sierra miles as the trail has patches of scree wich is always hard to walk on.

Despite no passes, there were still amazing long distance views.

We camped next to a river. The sound of rushing water was very relaxing.

This is where the story gets complicated. Fish Tank asked me to leave. He says that it is nothing that I did. He is not happy with his hike and wants to make changes. I’m surprised about this change as he was so excited when I returned. He even proposed having me video more on the blog two days ago.

From my prospective, I’m in shock, because up to this point, we had been having fun. He asked me to rejoin with him. As you can suspect from this blog, other than air mattresses, I add no drama to this partnership.

Still, if that is what he wants, then I will hike on.

2 thoughts on “Day 55: What? No Passes?

  1. Oh my goodness. Sorry to hear that. But you know sometime change is good. I am hoping to hear further on that is the change was for the best. If you are a believer you know the Lord brings people in and out of our lives for a variety of reasons. Buen Camino.


  2. Enjoy the rest of your hike, the JMT was my favorite scenic of all my long distance hikes. (But it was August) yep, hike your own hike. I so enjoying your blog!


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