Day 56: Selden Pass

Started: Tentsite (855.7)

Ended: Tentsite (873.5)

Total Miles: 17.8

Achievements: Selden Pass (10,912 ft.)

A commenter on Guthooks called Selden Pass exponentially easier than any of the passes we have done so far. That is a fair assessment.

Joining me today were Nap and Bubbles from Switzerland. They have been hiking with us for the past couple of days.

Nap has his doctorate in Molecular Biology. Bubbles is finishing her Master’s in Urban Planning. The conversation is excellent. We’ve discussed politics, ethics, religion, linguistics and history. It makes the miles go quickly.

Today’s hike started with a ten Mile climb to the top of the pass. That was followed by seven miles downhill until the end. The downhill included three river crossings that required effort. They are flowing nicely because of snow melt, but are not the killers of last year.

My tent is facing the edge of a cliff. Below me is a raging river. I’m hiding from the mosquitos. There are about a thousand bouncing off my netting. They know I have to come out some time.

Tomorrow, if I’m not sucked dry of blood, we are going into Vermilion Valley Resort for a nero. I’ll do some laundry, take a shower, and enjoy food that has not been reconstituted.

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