Day 57: VVR & Lineup Changes

Started: Tentsite (873.5)

Ended: Vermilion Valley Resort (878.7)

Total Miles: 5.2 + 1.4 Bonus Miles

Exhausted after six passes in seven days, we left the trail to nero in Vermillion Valley Resort for the night. It gave us a chance to recharge.

It is also a chance to make some changes. One fundamental rule of thru-hiking is Hike Your Own Hike. To finish, you need to hike your own speed. If you try to keep up with a faster hiker than you and you can burn out or worse yet injure yourself. Hike with someone too slow and you will run out of time to finish.

Fish Tank is going to stay here in VVR while he waits for Chef and Feinschmecker. Hiking on our own, we have pulled away farther from them the past couple of days. Now that I have my hiker legs back, I want to continue to put up longer miles.

He is also reevaluating his reasons for hiking. He is not enjoying the hike. The Sierra Mountains are mentally difficult. The climbs up the passes are extremely tiring. We are in wett forests from all the snow melt. There will be mosquitoes. Your feet are wet. You miss your family back home. It is the mental part of the hike that gets you.

So, I will hike on with Nap and Bubbles.

Today, I will eat and recharge for one more push to Mammoth Lakes.

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