Day 58: Silver Pass

Started: Vermilion Valley Resort (878.7)

Ended: Lake Virginia (891.7)

Total Miles: 13.0 +1.4 Bonus Miles

Achievements: Silver Pass (10,781 ft.)

The ferry left VVR at nine in the morning. I said goodbye to Fish Tank one last time. My new crew, Bubbles and Nap, promise earlier starts, more miles and less drama. Our discussions along the way make the miles go much faster.

I cannot keep up with them on extended climbs, especially over 10,000 feet, but everywhere else I am fine.

Despite a late start, we crushed our seventh pass in nine days. The last two have been much easier. Our packs are lighter. We are much stronger.

We have positioned ourselves for a 15 mile hike to Red’s Meadow Resort, where we will take a bus into Mammoth Lakes to resupply. I will also be able to talk to my family for the first time in a long time.

Tonight, my tent is pointed towards Lake Virginia and I watched an amazing moonrise over the mountains. It is going to be cold, but I’m ready for that.

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